“PLA” พลาสติกชีวภาพชนิดนี้อาจไม่ได้ย่อยสลายง่ายอย่างที่คุณคิด


PLA is made from plant products but does it really decompose?

PLA “Polylactic Acid” – As many might know as bioplastics (compostable plastic), which are made from substances extracted from corn. There is a common misunderstanding that if you just leave PLA outside, it should decompose and become one with the nature. Well, shouldn’t this be the case?

No, PLA plastics do not decompose naturally. They require a proper method to decompose, and the best method is for them to go through industrial compost facilities that are able to control and manage organic waste and process them into fertilizers. This industrial facility is able to control the temperature, humidity, oxygen level, the amount of holes for aeration, and level of carbon and nitrogen. Without these aspects, the organic waste will not be able to turn into fertilizers.

In other words, even though this type of plastic is made from plants, it needs to be handled in the right way. The best solution to get rid of it completely is through composing. With this reason, countries that use PLA need to attach some kind of label to inform their customers on how to dispose their product in the correct way. Without a proper process to dispose PLA, it is no different than regular plastics that take can take an awful lot of time before it can decompose.

For this reason, if one day you happen to pick up a PLA plastic, what you need to look for, after you have finished using it, is a garbage disposal (that goes to straight to industrial composting). If not, then you will only create more pollution for our planet for the next hundred years. Click for more articles.

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